Saturday, November 10, 2012

JJSaid1112 - Soldiers in Tales IV

A Viet Nam-era Navy veteran gives me an orgasm I'll never forget.

"Damn right!" He viciously rolled us over and put himself on top, causing our bodies to nearly slip off the side of the bed. Keeping me firmly wrapped in his bear hug, he lifted me up and shifted me to the pillow, then slammed me down to the position he had just abandoned. With my chest cavity still clamped in his vise, John rapidly planted kisses all over my forehead, nose, cheeks and lips. My face was assaulted with frantic pecks, while my ribs were crushed between his chest and forearms.
I was manhandled. And I loved it.
Every part of me was useless, completely under his spell, except for my dick. It was fully charged. Had been ever since I’d awakened atop his belly, and because John knew I loved his middle-section as much as he loved me loving it, he brought it into play in a manner unexpected.
John rose on his knees ever so slightly. With his arms still encircling my back and pressing our chests together, he slowly thrust himself forward, rubbing the head of my cock against the skin of his belly. Hard kisses relentlessly peppered my face. Powerful arms mercilessly crushed my chest, while John’s erotically smooth and talented abdominal cavity masturbated me.
My hands clasped onto his back, racing up and down his undulating muscles, and although I said nothing, I thought plenty.

Oh, my God, you rough-ass son of a bitch... what the hell are you doing to me? God, your belly feels so good... so fucking soft... and hard... and just the right pressure... ooh... what the hell was that? OOH! There it is again... oh, geez... are you fuckin’ kidding me? That’s his belly button... ooh, God damn... it’s clipping the head of my dick... ooh, shit... there it goes the other way... where the hell did you learn how to do this? Oh, man... there it is again... God, I can feel his tits scraping me, too... you beautiful mother... ooh, that navel... skin’s so tight... fuck an A... you talented piece of work, you... I can’t believe this shit... beating me off with his God damned belly button... ooh, there it goes... oh, God damn, John... I love you... damn you to hell... I love you...

And at that moment I did love him. Would never say it though, even in the heated passion of a belly button jack off. Learned that rule on my own. People say all sorts of silly things when they’re busting a nut, and a single man telling a married man that he loves him definitely qualifies as silly. And useless. Besides, actions do speak louder than words, and John knew I was enamored with him. He had to know, just as I knew in my heart he fancied me. Why else would a twenty year old and a forty year old take up with each other in the first place? 

* * *

The Elevated Man is one of two stories in a manlust book of same title. Made for the KINDLE at AMAZON. Also can be seen at Jardonn's Erotic Tales.

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