Thursday, September 29, 2011

Boyd McDonald via Elisa Rolle

Born in 1925 in South Dakota, Boyd McDonald entered Harvard as a high-school dropout after serving in the army in World War II: "I was a pioneer high school dropout," he writes, "leaving school to play badly ...

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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Bill Crider's Pop Culture Magazine: Today's Western Movie Poster

Bill Crider's Pop Culture Magazine: Today's Western Movie Poster

Robert Patrick via Elisa Rolle

Robert Patrick (born September 27, 1937) is a gay American playwright, poet, lyricist, and short-story writer and novelist. He was born Robert Patrick O'Connor in Kilgore, Texas.

Patrick was born to migrant workers in Texas. Because his parents ...
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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

JJ Said 092111

“Cecil, there's only one snake to be concerned with in the Missouri Ozarks. That's the Copperhead, and he don't like to swim much. There's a timber rattler, but he's a scaredy-cat and you hardly ever see him. Cottonmouths like the water, but they're mostly in the southeast part of the state. See? I know my snakes. These yokels from around here must think we're big-city sophisticates or something.”

“Not me. I'm just a Kansas dirt farmer, but the dirt's all gone.”

“And I'm just a Missouri factory worker, but the factory's closed.”


Newly arrived to a WPA camp in 1938, Cecil and Ernie get acquainted while skinny-dipping the Gasconade River... from Jardonn's GREEN RIVER, available in ebook formats at MLR PRESS, or for the AMAZON KINDLE.

Conan Clip 091911

It's from Monday's show and it made me laugh, so here.

Fan Correction - Conan in the Korean War

Monday, September 19, 2011

Alice Moore Dunbar Nelson via Elisa Rolle

Alice Ruth Moore Dunbar Nelson (July 19, 1875 - September 18, 1935) was an American poet, journalist and political activist. Among the first generation born free in the South after the Civil War, she was one of the prominent African Americans involved...

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Friday, September 16, 2011

New Releases at MLR Press!

New Releases at MLR Press!

Plethora of Art (2) I

The winner is up for the last round of slot 1, and now Elisa begins Round 2. The first group of book covers is posted for viewing and voting here...

Elisa Rolle -- Rainbow Awards Cover Contest

frequently felt*: Make A Nice Salad?

frequently felt*: Make A Nice Salad?: This is the first image google coughs up when searching ‘rococo’ It's true, I checked, weird. via Limoncello

Plethora of Art - Round One Winners

Yes, the first round of the Rainbow Awards Book Cover Contest has ended with six finalists selected. You can see them at Elisa Rolle's LiveJournal Site.

Round Two will begin later today (Friday) with a new set of book covers. I will post page links here when Elisa has them up for viewing and voting.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

George Hoyningen-Huene via Elisa Rolle

Here's some history researched and presented by Elisa Rolle that begins...

Baron George Hoyningen-Huene (1900 - 1968) was a seminal fashion photographer of the 1920s and 1930s. He was born in Russia to Baltic German and American parents and spent his working life in France, England and...

Read the rest at Elisa's Rolle's My Reviews and Ramblings, pictures included.

Monday, September 12, 2011

frequently felt*: Happy Picture

frequently felt*: Happy Picture: Nice little story: “I was photographed on Broadway, two days before a double mastectomy.” - Karen. In the book I never comment on anyone...

Friday, September 9, 2011

New Releases at MLR Press!

New Releases at MLR Press!

Suspicious Diagnosis Reviewed

Want to know what helps an author get better? An honest review, that's what.

Sally Sapphire at Bibrary Book Lust tells about her highs, lows, and in-betweens while reading my book, Suspicious Diagnosis.

With so many gushy book reviews on the web which really say nothing more than a rewording of the blurb, it's interesting to read a review detailing the actual opinions and emotions formed by the reviewer while reading the stories.

Thank you, Sally!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Christopher Cox via Elisa Rolle

An in-depth bio by Elisa Rolle begins like this:

Christopher Cox (1949-1990), an editor, author, actor, director, and producer, was born August 27, 1949, in Gadsden, Alabama, to Howard R. Cox, a prominent banker, and Dorothy Trusler Cox. His birth name was Howard Raymond Cox Jr., and his family and childhood friends called him Ray throughout his life. He graduated from Emma Sansom High School, as did his...

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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

JJ Said 090711

Otto, the Little Bull

I was naked when Bernard's men captured me. Naked when they tortured me. Frankly, I don't know why they bothered. I didn't have any information and they didn't need any, but they had figured out I was the man who destroyed the bridge, so I guess it was just a way for them to get revenge against me... before my execution. That is why they brought in Bernard's daughter to watch. It is also the moment I knew there was a chance for me.

She violently attacked me, as I laid helplessly bound to their stretch rack. Their rack was simple in comparison to ours... our beloved Steps to Purgatory... their rack was just a narrow, horizontal table with axles at both ends and plenty of rope wound around each of them. Both of their axles had hand cranks. One man turned its head end one direction while another turned its foot end the opposite.

Bernard's daughter, Elsa her name, entered the room in a rage. She pounded my chest with her fists, screaming of how I had killed her father and how she would enjoy watching me suffer. And I did suffer. I thanked the heavens for the muscles provided me, for only they could keep my body together.

Despite Elsa's ferocious demeanor, I saw in her eyes a softness for me. As she leaned over me with her pounding fists, flailing away on my helpless mass, her eyes scanned my body from face to feet and the severity of her fist-blows lessened. She probably didn't realize it, but I did.

So, when the men resumed my stretching and I grunted and groaned and flexed to resist the ropes, my mind focused on you, Peter. I hardly knew you at the time, but still, my mind thought only of you. I imagined myself with you, Peter, and the only weapon available to me was used against her because of you, Peter. When Elsa saw my penis rise and flip onto my belly, despite my stretching, despite the ungodly pain racking my body, I knew she was mine.

Elsa is the one who demanded my execution take place immediately, and they released me from the rack. Took me to an open courtyard inside their castle walls and roped me to a cross of wood, the same kind the Romans used... the same kind Frederick slobbers over. Once I was vertical, a new kind of pain racked my body. The pressure of my own weight bearing on my arms was ungodly. It was all I could do to breathe, but I held on, and I waited until everyone became bored and I was all alone.

And when Elsa arrived, secretly, her head covered by an oversized hood, my cock was ready. Thanks again to you, Peter.

There's no way to describe the sensation of oral stimulation on my dick as I hung from the cross. My brain being deprived of oxygen perhaps put me into a sort of dream state, but this I do know: Elsa was overwhelmed by what the gods bestowed on me. Once she had tasted me, sucked on me, and drained me, Elsa could not bear the thought of destroying me. My cock is the reason she arranged my escape, which in reality was my rescue, which allowed me to find my way back to you, Peter.

Face it, my friend, you will never be rid of your Little Bull.

This paperback book contains two novella-length stories, and is wrapped in my favorite of my self-made covers. Not gloating, just saying. If you care to further investigate this story (Bishop) and the book itself, go to my Jardonn's Erotic Tales site, Jardonn's Book Page and slide over to LET'S GET MEDIEVAL - The Bishop of Grunewald & The Tortured Secutor.

You'll find links to more text excerpts, audio snippets, and the complete audio version of The Tortured Secutor free for the listening.

frequently felt*: Jocks

frequently felt*: Jocks: I suppose Italian jocks? Get some pride, boys...Ahem, I guess they have it already! via Average Joe

frequently felt*: Be Very Careful, Ouch!

frequently felt*: Be Very Careful, Ouch!: BDSM on the new york subway via Erotic Pursuits

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Tom Tryon via Elisa Rolle

Elisa has researched and posted about actor Tom Tryon. Here's the beginning...

Tom Tryon (January 14, 1926 – September 4, 1991) was an American film and television actor, best-known for playing the title role in the film The Cardinal (1963) and the Walt Disney television...

READ THE REST at Elisa Rolle's LiveJournal Site.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

JJ Said 090311

Still, we know the history of it. Our parents made sure of that. Told us plenty of stories about the sacrifices made on behalf of the working man before there were any unions to help him -- back when a dollar a day was considered too much to pay, back when greedy barons could work pre-teen children for cents a day, back in the 1800's when they could work men, women and children in 100-plus-degree woolen mills with windows shut so none of their precious threads might accidentally get caught in a breeze and cut into their profits.

The image that flashed in my mind, and I'm sure in the mind of Thomas as well, was of a black and white photograph framed and prominently displayed on the fireplace mantle in his home. It was of Thomas's grandfather, vintage 1937 and given to his family by the newspaper man who snapped it. Trails of dried and still-flowing blood covered his face, the result of an altercation at the picket line where steel workers were striking for anything that resembled a living wage. A caravan of trucks loaded with scabs attempted to break the line and when the picketers blocked the entry gates of the steel mill, cops moved in with night sticks and billy clubs to split open as many heads as they could, including the head belonging to one of my heroes -- Thomas's grandfather. He was a young man then, but it wasn't the first or last time he would take a beating for me.

For all of us.


Taken from the Jardonn story, The Thomas Coleman Full Nelson.

It's one of four in the MLR Press four-author collection, Hard Working Men, and I think we're about to need a new generation of men like Thomas's grandfather. The excerpt at bottom of MLR's page is erotic and mine.

Happy Labor Day!

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Frothing Authors: Plethora of Art XIX

Frothing Authors: Plethora of Art XIX: Slot 18 has a winner. New covers are posted for Slot 19. Time to view and vote.

Elisa Rolle's My Reviews and Ramblings

New Releases at MLR Press!

New Releases at MLR Press!

Marsden Hartley via Elisa Rolle

This is a fascinating, well-researched post at Elisa Rolle's LiveJournal Site which includes numerous pictures of the man's artwork.

Marsden Hartley (January 4, 1877 - September 2, 1943) was an American Modernist painter, poet, and essayist of the early 20th century. Hartley was born in Lewiston, Maine, USA, where his English parents had settled. He began his art training...


Jasper Say 090211

I believe I'm going to live forever... somewhere. If I'm wrong, I won't know it. If I'm right, there's no need of me stressing over some problem of the now. Now is just a blip on my radar, because I'm going to live forever... somewhere.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

frequently felt*: Music is Sexy

frequently felt*: Music is Sexy: Gene Vincent and the Blue Caps

Love how the guitarists get on their knees and submit to him. And how 'bout the leather and one glov...

meine kleine fabrik: All How You Look At It

meine kleine fabrik: All How You Look At It

Persistent Voices: Leslie Feinberg

From Elisa Rolle's LiveJournal site:

Leslie Feinberg (b. September 1, 1949, in Kansas City, Missouri) is a transgender lesbian and communist activist, speaker, and author. Feinberg's first novel Stone Butch Blues is widely considered ...