Wednesday, September 21, 2011

JJ Said 092111

“Cecil, there's only one snake to be concerned with in the Missouri Ozarks. That's the Copperhead, and he don't like to swim much. There's a timber rattler, but he's a scaredy-cat and you hardly ever see him. Cottonmouths like the water, but they're mostly in the southeast part of the state. See? I know my snakes. These yokels from around here must think we're big-city sophisticates or something.”

“Not me. I'm just a Kansas dirt farmer, but the dirt's all gone.”

“And I'm just a Missouri factory worker, but the factory's closed.”


Newly arrived to a WPA camp in 1938, Cecil and Ernie get acquainted while skinny-dipping the Gasconade River... from Jardonn's GREEN RIVER, available in ebook formats at MLR PRESS, or for the AMAZON KINDLE.

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