Monday, October 10, 2011

Top2Bottom and Free Jardonn Ebook

Lisa over at the book review site, Top2Bottom Reviews got a major overdose of Jardonn on Sunday, Oct. 9th.

First, there's my first-ever interview, where I answer questions about storytelling, my books, my characters, and a few about me.

Nearby, you'll find Lisa's review of my M/M/M, WWII short story, Furlough Bridge, and I must say she gleaned some interesting bits from the story that in my opinion were spot on.

Finally, but certainly most importantly, there's a small post which allows you to register for a free copy of my short story ebook, Green River. All you have to do is click on Green River link here, go to the Top2Bottom site, and leave a comment. Any comment will do, from "hello, Jardonn" to "who the hell is Jardonn?" and then email to let me know you've left a comment. I'll select two from whoever comments by the time stated at Top2Bottom, and email YOU a free PDF copy of Green River.

That's all there is to it, so stop by the Top2Bottom Reviews site, get your own overdose of me, and take your chance at a free Jardonn ebook.

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