Thursday, December 29, 2011

Charley Parkhurst via Elisa Rolle

Here's a biography of one extremely fascinating character I'll bet you've never heard about. I know I hadn't until now. Here's a small bit...

Charlie Darkey Parkhurst, often Charlie/Charlene/Charlotte or Parkurst, born Mary Parkhurst (1812–1879), was an American stagecoach driver and early California settler. Born female, Parkhurst lived as a man for most of his life and may have been the first biological female to vote in California.

Parkhurst, also known as One Eyed Charley or Six-Horse Charley, was born Mary Parkhurst in 1812...

Read it all, see pictures, and find references for more material on Charley at Elisa Rolle's My Reviews and Ramblings.

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