Monday, February 11, 2013

Memorial Tribute 2013 Grammy Awards Show

Thank god somebody always posts this on YouTube, because the Grammy folks run it by you so fast during the broadcast there's no way to absorb the names and accomplishments of all those who have passed since last year's show.

You'd think an artist like Doc Watson might deserve a page to himself. Or how about the guy who developed vinyl records? Or Hal David, the wordsmith to all those great Burt Bacharach songs? Or Earl Scruggs? All he did was develop a new way to play an instrument, which became the key element in what we now call bluegrass. Couldn't he have a few more seconds on the screen by himself, so the audience could show their appreciation?

Oh, well, give me a reason to gripe and I'll jump on it every time.

Here's the tribute on YouTube, where you can pause to read the names of those who died.

Grammy Memorial Tribute 2013

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