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Reinsertion of Jack's Insertions I

Taken from site Jardonn's Erotic Tales.com

August 2006
First entry
August 21, 2006 -

As you probably know, assuming you have listened to Uncle Jasper and me in our "Suckin' Spit & Talkin' Shit' episodes, I was seduced by one Frank Johnson. At least that's how I remember it. He might feel as though he was coerced by both Jasper and me to soften his conservative attitude towards us and our broadcast, but whatever, the end result is that Mr. Johnson and Jasper and myself have an ongoing understanding.
All that has happened since the day Frank chose me over Jasper is worthy of its own telling, and in the next few days I will be making entries to this log until we are up to date. Then, I will add to it when something of note happens between us.
Yes, I did get his telephone number. No, Jasper never did get his lecherous hands on it. The following day, and every weekday for the next several, Frank and I would use our one-hour lunch breaks to meet at my apartment, where he would receive my stress-relieving BJ. In return, I would receive his manual, strong-but-caring strokes to drain my testicles.
Now, one might think that this would be enough satisfaction for any queer man/married man arrangement, and even though for me it was, for Frank it was not.
He never asked about anal intercourse, which is good because it did not interest me, but rather, he guided me in another direction. He introduced me to his wife. Together, they have introduced me to a world I never before dared to consider, and, much like Navy John was to the young Jasper, Mr. and Mrs. Johnson are rapidly becoming my mentors. My insertions will take you there with me.
August 22
Frank and I had carried on for nearly three months before he threw me the curve - he asked me to come for dinner - to his home - with his wife.
"Uh, geez, Frank," I stumbled. "Do you think that's a good idea?"
"Sure. There's nothing to worry about. Our relationship is solid. In fact, I've already told her about you."
This did not necessarily please me. "Shit, man, don't you think you should have let me know you planned to tell her? And by the way, what did you tell her?"
"Nothing about this. I told her you came in to apply for a broadcast license and that we started talking about football. She thinks you and I are in the same fantasy league. That's all."
I let it go at that. I figured I knew enough about football to hold this charade together, and besides, Frank and I are fanatics of the NFL and discuss it often. What the hell. If something was said; if one of us slipped up, it could only hurt Frank and the missis. As for me, that would be the end of Frank and I'd have some good memories to take with me, assuming I got out of their house intact before his outraged, heartbroken wife extracted my blood. It has never been my desire to be a home wrecker. I can only assume a man looking for blowjobs knows how to handle his own marital situation.
All went well, but imagine my surprise when, during our after-dinner coffee and slices of cheesecake, Laura Johnson said to me, "So, Jack, Frank tells me you are quite skilled at sucking his dick."
August 23
Mercifully, they only allowed my irregular heartbeat to continue for a few seconds, then Laura and Frank Johnson burst into laughter.
"Let me congratulate you, Jack," Laura said. "That cock of his is hard to handle and I'm not very good at it - not with my mouth, anyway."
Frank joined in. "Besides, she doesn't enjoy sucking on it and I quit asking her."
"I told him to go find somebody who knew what they were doing," Laura said.
"Yep. And I struck gold when I found you, Jack."
"Well, damn, Laura," I was finally allowed to speak. "Frank said your relationship was solid. He wasn't kidding."
They both joined me on the couch, forcing me into the middle between them, and Frank said, "Laura has many talents and we share all secrets. One of them is downstairs. Want to see it?"
"Sure, Frank. You've got me all excited. See?"
"Come on," Laura said.
They escorted me to the basement. It was a full, finished space with a roomy, 10-foot ceiling, carpeting, furniture, the works. Standing against one wall was a wooden frame, black in color. The height was at least nine feet. Two horizontal boards crossed the top, leather straps dangling from one, chains dangling from the other. On one side, two sets of wooden stocks ran from the front to the back of the frame, while on the other side, two boards connected front to back, corner to corner, forming the letter "X".
"Come on, Jack," Frank said. "It's got rollers underneath. Help me move it."
We brought the frame to an open area in the center of the room.
August 26
While I undressed, Laura taunted her husband. "Why do you constantly disappoint me? You know what my flogger can do. You know how it can shred your skin."
As she spoke, she also toyed with him, draping the suede leather strands across his shoulder, then slowly dragging them down his chest. She circled him, stalked him, threatening to strike, but only teasing with brush strokes down his back or chest. Frank remained erect on his knees, arms hanging limp with mouth silent.
"You must enjoy the pain," she continued. "Otherwise, why would you disobey me? Huh? Why, Frank? Answer my question."
He looked up at her, not with eyes of remorse as I expected, but with a look of hatred. "Because I like it, that's why. He's a professional. You are pathetic. I did it, and I'll do it again. Nothing will change my mind."
She let the flogger fly, striking him with medium force across his chest, stomach, arms, back and shoulders. He never made a move or a sound, just remained upright with arms at his sides while staring at the ceiling. After about a dozen blows, she turned to me.
"Jack," she hesitated for a few seconds and scrutinized my body, smiling at me with a rather lustful gaze. "Go to my cabinet. On the left wall are two padded cuffs. Bring them to me."
As I followed her orders, she berated her husband with a new round of flogging. "All right, mister. Sure, you can take my blows, and you will. But we will see how tough you are when your skin is stretched; when I bring those nerve endings to the surface. You will regret your obstinance, and it won't be from the pain alone. No, no, no, I have other ways of cutting you down to size."
Again, Frank took his beating like a man, silent, motionless. I found the cuffs. They were padded inside, black leather outside, with a metal O-shaped ring attached to each. I brought them to her and she told me to clamp them onto his wrists, while she continued flaying away on his back. After figuring out how to release the latch, I opened one, knelt in front of him and took his hand. First, I secured the cuff, then I clamped it shut and repeated the process for his other wrist. When I was finished, I stood and Laura stopped the beating.
Laura circled in front of her husband. "If you move, I'll give it to you with all my strength. This was just a warm-up."
She took me by the arm, led me towards the frame. "Jack, see those two chains?"
"Yes." They dangled a few inches beneath a horizontal board at the top. Attached to the final link of each were metal hooks.
"Those O-rings go on the hooks. He won't fight you. Get him up there."
I grabbed Frank's arm and he voluntarily stood, then cooperatively walked with me to the frame. I lifted the arm and connected the O-ring of his cuff to the suspended hook. To repeat the process with his other arm, I had to pull his body upwards with it. When hooked, Frank was suspended from the top of the frame, arms spread about three and a half feet apart and tips of his shoes barely touching the floor.
Seeing this man suspended, shirtless, helpless, did something to me. Even though I had seen him shirtless many times before, suddenly the beauty of his chest and belly was magnified. And when Laura resumed flogging his back, my penis, which had been erect since Frank and Laura had first surrounded me on their couch, began to discharge its syrup. I guess you could say I was getting into the right frame of mind for Mr. and Mrs. Johnson's little playroom.
"How does it feel now? Still think you're tough?" She intensified the strength of her blows, circling to strike his back, rib cage, chest and belly. As for Frank, he was beginning to feel it. Slight moans came with each blow. He threw his head back, then jolted it forward to glare at her. Frank was still defiant, but beginning to soften.
The whipping stopped and Mrs. Johnson barked an order to turn the screws on him just a bit more.
"Jack, strip him."
August 28
I removed everything from him, starting with the shoes and ending with his boxers, which I violently yanked to the floor with great pleasure. His penis was swollen to about one-half its potential and I was tempted to bring it to full force with my oral expertise. Instead, I stayed with the game, backed off to admire our chained prisoner and waited for the woman in charge to direct the proceedings.
Silently, she circled behind him and laid the flogger to his ass. This time it was a bit more forceful, or so it seemed to me. Her arm reared back and flayed his butt cheeks with a definitive smack, causing Frank to let out deafening groans, uh's and ow's.
I never expected that such a scenario would stimulate me, especially since the victim was a man I admired and considered my friend. But seeing that his punishment had triggered an erection on him as hard as I had ever seen it made me realize that this beating was a major turn-on for him. Knowing this, combined with the sight of him flexing his muscular body, nearly caused me to jack myself right then and there.
I was quickly distracted, however, by Laura's harsh voice berating her husband. "All right. You like to get you dick sucked. Well, that's fine, darling. I understand your problem."
She stopped the flogging and stood in front of him, then spoke to me with menacing sweetness. "Jack, do your thing. Work on that throbbing cock of his, but when I stop, you stop."
I knelt before my temple, opened my mouth and engulfed his beautiful penis, while Laura put the flogger to his chest.
"Yes, my darling," she tormented him. "You can receive Jack's services... when I say you can. But there is a price to pay."
She moved behind him and resumed punishing his back and buttocks. "From this day forward, when you feel the warmth of Jack's mouth, the scraping of his tongue, you will also feel the wrath of my flogger to go with it. No longer will you feel one without the other."
This was hot. I could feel Frank's dick surging with power each time the leather strips snapped against his skin. Glancing up, I absorbed the sight of his masculine chest and belly, as it flexed and contorted in reaction to her blows, but just as my pace intensified and I prepared to drain him, Laura shouted, "That's enough!" and the beating stopped. I obediently abandoned Frank's primed cock and gleefully watched it rise and fall in mid-air, wondering what happened to my finishing touch.
"No," he pleaded with her. "Don't stop now. Let him finish me."
"Oh, you poor thing. I'm so sorry. You know I cannot allow you to finish. Not until you have asked me properly."
Before the pitiful man could respond, she resumed her whipping on him and I resumed my sucking on him, until again she stopped and I released his tortured cock.
Frank howled once more, begging for release. His tone, however, was not one of politeness, and so the pattern was established. This man would be broken. The only question was how long did he want his agonizing denial to continue. I hoped it wouldn't be anytime soon.
August 29
Frank did not disappoint me. His stamina was amazing, as he repeatedly withstood his wife’s punishing flogger and my teasing tongue. Oh, he begged, but not in a manner suitable to a man who had been humbled. His pleadings were of the “Oh, god, don’t stop now. Finish me, damn you.” ilk, never once expressing remorse or hinting of surrender. He remained defiant, which is just how I’d hoped he would be, and with each round of punishment-followed-by-denial, Frank was brought closer to the edge. Several times I sensed his nuts start to contract, forcing me to release his cock before his wife had finished whipping him.
I also was pushed to the brink. I was forced to take great care that I didn’t touch my own penis, because any friction whatsoever would have triggered my own explosion. Sensing that she had pushed both of her men about as far as they could go, Laura dropped her flogger and stood in front our prisoner. He was breathing hard and had worked up a pretty good sweat. She placed her fingers onto his sternum, removed some of that sweat and tasted it, then scooped another sample and gave her fingers for me to lick. Knelt just behind her left leg, I sucked her digits dry, savoring the taste of this man.
“Did you see that, Frank?” She mocked him. “Jack knows how to please a woman. He knows how to perform the tasks I ask of him. He respects me, but you continue to defy me.”
She picked up the flogger and used it to tease him, dangling and brushing the strands along the length of his pulsating cock. Moving the flogger beneath his scrotum, she tormented him with brush strokes to his swollen nuts. “Are you still horny, Frank?”
“You... can see that I am.”
“There it is again. I ask a simple yes or no question and you respond with sarcasm. That’s fine. Men who are loyal to me get their reward. Men who defy me must suffer.” She brought the strands down on top of his hard dick, striking with medium force, which caused a pained yelp from her victim. “That’s you, Frank.” She struck him again for emphasis. “You can just hang there and watch Jack get his reward. I have needs too, you know.”
She turned and violently grabbed my arm, pulled me to the floor near Frank’s feet and forced me to lie on my back. Within seconds, for the first time since my initial, high school-aged experimentation of the confused, my rock hard, fully primed, queer cock was inside a female vagina.
August 30
Laura Johnson sat on me, riding up and down my pole. The shock of it, the sudden realization that I was somewhere I did not want to be, caused my dick to lose its strength. But then, I was distracted by Frank, as he howled in protest. “Damn you to hell. Get off of him, you two-timing whore.”
Oh, my god. The view was magnificent. My head was directly in front of his left foot and I took in the glorious male form above me; his bulbous testicles, filled with semen, ready to explode; his powerful cock, fully erect with pre-cum dribbling from its slit; his upper body, torturously suspended, muscular belly flattened and mighty chest expanded; and the determined face of defiance, hatefully staring down at his conniving wife.
“That’s right, Frank.” Laura taunted him. “He’s my boy toy now. Bet you didn’t know that Jack is more man than you’ll ever be.”
Jesus Christ, I was confused. For so many years, I’d convinced myself that pussy was not my thing, but Frank’s performance above me prevented my thoughts from dwelling on it. He strained against his suspension, slightly lifting his body upwards. He thrust his chest forward, sucked his belly inward. His hard penis bounced in mid-air, sending a droplet of ooze down to land on my chest. I scooped it with my finger and tasted its sweetness. His head dropped forward and the eyes had switched their focus to me. His teeth were exposed in a grimace, but the lips hinted at a grin. His muscles flexed for me. His voice groaned for me. His masculinity inspired me. And the warm, tight, frictional massaging of his wife’s vagina masturbated me.
Frank thrust his leg forward and placed his toes onto my mouth. I reached with both hands, clasped onto his ankle and slobbered all over the sole of his foot. My tongue raced in between his toes, while my hands ruthlessly rubbed his shin and calf, absorbing the feel of his manly hairs.
Laura grabbed his other foot and started to lick and kiss. I continued to work on his left foot, while unknowingly reaching with my left hand to clasp onto Laura’s breast. She called out my name. I called out Frank’s name. Laura shrieked with delight. I groaned with ecstasy, and Frank displayed his gloriously tortured physique for both of us to enjoy.
Keeping my spent penis inside her, Laura cast her husband’s foot aside and leaned down to kiss my chest. I continued to kiss Frank’s foot and he said the words. “Federal dollars.”
“Ok, honey,” Laura answered. “Are you ready to come down?”
“No, but I’m ready to get off.”
“That’s you, Jack. Go for it.”
I was there in a second and Frank fired his load in about fifteen, suspended by his wrists, flexing and contorting every muscle in his beautiful body.
They insisted I spend the night. It was a Friday and Jasper was out of town on vacation, so with no need to do one of his recordings, I stayed. They also insisted I join them for an evening swim. In the Johnson back yard, surrounded by a wooden privacy fence ten feet in height was a rectangular pool perfect for a hot August evening. Here, naked, we swam, and we talked, and we dined on food and drink prepared by the wife. I was given many details about their lives together. Their history, their relationship, public and private, all was explained to me with words and the affections of human touch.
August 31
It was a relief to hit that refreshingly cool water. All three of us had raised our body temperatures quite a bit during our heated session, especially Frank. What amazed me was that I didn’t see any marks on him. After each of us swam a few laps, we congregated in the center of the pool where we could stand with the water level mid-chest. Tits were exposed. Glistening tits are always a pleasure for the eyes, whether male or female.
“Frank, tell me something.” I inspected his body, especially the back and still saw no evidence of his flogging. “I’m surprised you’re not beat up. I don’t see a scratch on you.”
“It’s all for show. I don’t like intense pain. Everything we do is pure fantasy.”
“As for leaving scars,” Laura joined in, “suede leather can be used with a little more force than finished leather, without putting whelps on his skin. Believe me, Jack. We’ve experimented for years to find the right tools for what we like to do.”
“Well, how did it all get started?” I asked.
“Boredom,” Frank said. Things were getting stale in the bedroom, so we started experimenting with role reversals. Actually, I think I was the instigator. Anytime Laura would end up on top of me, I’d more or less assume a posture of surrender. I’d reach up and grab hold of the bed posts, then let her work me over.”
“It took me awhile to get into it,” Laura added. “At first, I’d just fuck him and let it go at that. But eventually, I put my husband on a sort of pedestal. I’d worship every inch of him with kisses, licking and finger massages. And it seemed the longer I made him wait, the more exciting it became for both of us. Then one day, Frank came home with two sets of handcuffs, you know, the standard metal kind.”
“And that’s what did it?” I asked.
“Not at first,” Frank answered, while wrapping an arm around his wife. “We did too much thinking and not enough feeling.”
“What do you mean?”
Laura jumped in, “That was my fault. I went on the internet and got the idea that Frank wanted me to dominate him in a cruel way. I bought a leather outfit, cuffed him to the bed and started talking to him like he was dog shit. I slapped his face, scratched him with my nails, even whipped him with a leather belt... lightly, of course, but it wasn’t working for either of us.”
“It was my fault, too. I didn’t know exactly what it was I wanted. Since I didn’t tell her, she assumed I wanted to be degraded... emasculated, I think they call it. But that wasn’t it at all.”
“So, what was it, Frank?”
“It was a movie that saved us,” Laura smiled.
“Yep. One with Steve Reeves. I think it’s called Romulus and Remus.” Frank pecked her cheek with a kiss.
“That’s the one,” Laura confirmed. “There’s a scene where he’s tied to an X cross that spins. Some sweaty man is whipping him as the cross is being rotated.”
“So that night, I’m cuffed to the bed posts, saying my usual, ‘Yes, Mistress, I will obey. Please don’t hurt me’ bullshit and without thinking, I changed my dialogue.”
“All of a sudden he starts to defy me, just like that chained muscle man, Steve Reeves. Frank started puffing up his chest, flexing his muscles and thrusting out his lower jaw. He was throwing me challenges, saying things like, ‘Do your worst. I’ll never talk. Torture me all you want.’ And guess what, Jack.”
“Frank’s dick was as hard as can be. That did it for me too. Hell, I didn’t want him to be a pussy boy. I wanted him to be a super man.”
“We did that scene from the movie right then and there,” Frank said with another kiss.
“I got the belt and half-way whipped his chest and legs. We added our own dialogue to make it even more sexy and needless to say, we both had the best orgasms we’d had in years.”
“Yeah,” Frank laughed. “That bed was spinning out of control, at least in our little fantasy.”
I was impressed... and erect. “So, that’s what you meant by fantasy role play.”
“That’s right,” Frank answered. “We get ideas from movies, books, art, anything that features an heroic male figure, bound and tortured.”
“And we put our own spin on them as we go along.”
Frank grabbed my arm and I joined Laura next to him. Then, I received a Frank kiss to my cheek. “Jack, tonight’s session was just to get you involved. Kind of light weight by our standards. Not much of a plot.”
“Well, you guys. I can’t say I didn’t enjoy it, but why did you start your dialogue the other way?”
“You mean the... ‘please Madam, don’t hurt me’ part?”
“We wanted to ease you into it. I know you’re a web surfing monkey, so I figured that angle would be more familiar to you.”
“That is mostly what I’ve seen and heard. Honestly, I’m glad you changed into her adversary. Rather see you as a man than a cowering wimp.”
Frank kissed my forehead and I asked the obvious. “So, why do you want me involved?”
This time, I received a kiss from Laura. “To answer that, dearest Jack, we’ve got to go back to the beginning. You boys stay here. I’ll be right back.”
Frank and I passed the minutes with some man to man adoration instigated by me. I put my hands to his chest and belly, then guided him into the deep water. Once under the diving board, I told him to reach up and grab hold, so I could worship his body as it hung suspended halfway in the water.
“I missed this, Frank,” I said between kisses to his middle section... to his nuts... and peter. “It was the hardest part for me not to have access to all of you.”
“Don’t worry, Jack. You’ll always have access, it’s just a question of how long you’ll have to wait. That’s what makes it exciting.”
Laura returned with a tray. I could see glasses filled with drink, but was too busy with Frank to inspect any further. Whatever it was, she left the tray on a table and joined me in the water. Her presentation would be delayed for awhile, because Frank Johnson was about to fire his rockets again.
And that, my dear friends, is the last of my August insertions.
I have been invited to their home again, this time for the Labor Day weekend. Jardonn has run off with Mike Carter to the Gulf Coast, supposedly to help build new houses for victims of hurricane Katrina. He hasn’t bothered to contact us, however, so we’re not sure exactly where they are. Jasper will be spending the weekend with John and Ginny Crosby, but says he wants to record sometime late Monday.

I’ll plan my next insertion for either Monday or Tuesday.

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