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Reinsertion of Jack's Insertions -- November Back Half

Nov. 16
“Oh, my god!” Maggie whined.
“Damn, Frank, that is sick,” Dick opined.
I guess they thought it was a joke... never thought I’d actually do it, but I sure as hell did and Frank’s dick was one hundred percent hard. He didn’t think it was sick, but naturally, those two had some pretty serious hangups about it.
“Holy cow, I can’t believe you’re letting him do that.” That was Maggie’s next expression of the shocked and amazed.
“Hell, Frank, I didn’t know you were queer... letting that faggot do that to you.”
Oops... dickhead Dick went a little too far with that one. I spit Frank out and Frank started to get up with me... until Laura said the first words out of her mouth since the McKenzies had come through her gate.
“All right, you two. Think he’s a fag, do you? I’ll show you what he is.”
She came out of the pool and joined us. “Frank, get your ass on that cushion.” He resumed his position of the tortured. “Come here, Jack, you beautiful son of a bitch.”
Laura laid down right there on that hard concrete next to her husband, pulling me down with her. Frank was there in full view and that’s all I needed. I mounted her and made it dramatic. I growled and I groaned and I grunted and I thrust my cock into her as though I didn’t care about her, then I remembered she was on concrete. Shit... I slowed my ass down in a hurry and made sure I hit her sweet spot. I reached over with my left hand and used Frank’s belly to keep me propped up and under control. My right hand was flat on the concrete and I focused on pleasing Laura, instead of showing off for the McPeaBrains.
“Laura, darling... you’re just like a milk shake... so thick... so creamy... I gotta stir you up... nice and slow.” That’s how I did it, and every time I rubbed her clittie, she squeaked... and she twitched. I put the belly claw to Frank and felt those hard-ass muscles of his... and I picked up the pace on Laura. I looked at Frank’s face. He had his head turned so he could get a good look, and he had just about the biggest smile a man could have... almost like he was telling us how proud he was of us... and Laura closed her eyes and squeezed the poop out of my cock... because she got off... and everybody there knew she got off... and then I got off and they knew that, too.
Couldn’t help notice the McKenzies weren’t saying much now... mother fuckers weren’t leaving either.
Frank goes, “Hey, Dick and Maggie... Jack's done wonders for our home life.”
One mission accomplished... they still had nothing to say... the silence sounded good.
“Nobody’s fag and nobody’s sick... not in our house... we don’t categorize people.” That was Laura’s contribution. “At our house... there’s only men and women... and Jack is one of the men... and Frank and I both love him... got it?”
Damn, (I thought to myself) ... that’s a rather heavy word. Maybe she was just using it for emphasis.
Nov. 17
Mr. & Ms. McKenzie got out of the pool and they did apologize, but not to me or Frank.
“Geez, Laura, I’m sorry,” said Ms. McK. “You should have told us you’d moved on to other things.”
“Maybe if you’d have returned our phone calls, we’d have known better than to barge in on you.” Dick was trying to make them feel guilty and it kinda worked.
“You’re right, Dick,” Laura answered. "I meant to call you before Frank and I went on vacation, but got so busy and all.”
Sure was sad watching them awkwardly try to dress when their bodies were dripping wet. Thing is, they weren’t too bad looking when they kept their mouths shut, and since I was still on a bit of a power trip I thought I’d see if I could trick them into staying.
“Hey, you two... don’t take it all so serious. Hell, it’s just sex.”
“Not the kind we’re interested in,” Dick said.
“So, what are you going to do? Go home and turn off the lights and try to remember what your bodies look like?”
“My wife can take care of me just fine.”
“Oh, yeah? Show us.”
“I wouldn’t give you the privilege. Maggie can suck a dick like nobody else and I sure as hell...”
“Hold on, Dick.” Maggie had been offended in a different way. “Let’s do it. We came over here because we were horny. Let’s show them what we can do.”
They asked if we could go inside for some privacy and of course we said yes. Frank and Laura took us all to the basement and the McKenzies tried to do it right there on the floor, but I guess Dick was a little bit nervous with me there. He couldn’t get it up.
“Well, Maggie,” Frank said. “Maybe if you suck on him awhile."
She coaxed him onto his back, while Laura, Frank and I sat all around them at a close distance. Dick laid there with his arms at his sides and all tensed up, while Maggie started sucking on him.
No good... she was strictly amateur and he could only get half-way hard. I looked at Laura and she looked at Frank and we all said to each other with our look but no words, ‘these people need help.’
I didn’t know what kinds of four-ways the McKenzies had been in to with Frank and Laura or anybody else, but they were about to get a lesson in lust from Jack and the Johnsons.
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Nov. 20
Dick never said a word when Laura jumped in to help Maggie get him revved up. That’s because she smothered his face with her pussy hole, so about all he could do was make slurping sounds. We figured Dick would be fully erect in no time.
It never did happen. What did happen about 15 seconds after the assault began was that Dick tensed up and shot his load into Maggie’s mouth. Yep, I couldn’t believe it either. I had never seen a man have orgasm with a limp peter, but that’s exactly what he did. And I know for sure he did, because Maggie, the amateur, nearly choked on it and let a big gob dribble down onto his nuts.
Now, how the hell can you have any fun with a man like that? Where’s the reward for the rest of us?
Dick seemed rather proud of himself, while his wife seemed to be relieved that it was over. Thing is, Dick finally relaxed – after the event, as Laura kept sitting on his chest.
Guess what I saw? His pecker finally took off and got fully erect. Craziest damned thing I’ve ever seen. Drained with a limp dick, THEN he gets a hard on.
I looked at Frank and he knew what I was thinking.
“Well, Maggie, looks like your husband wants another blow job.” But as she reluctantly bent down to take him, Frank put his hand on her shoulder. He stared at me, and then looked at Dick’s cock.
Message understood.
Nov. 21
Frank made sure Maggie would never know what was going on. He did this by sprawling her onto the carpet on her back with his body between her eyes and her husband. Oh yeah, he also stuck his cock into her vagina, which kept her sufficiently entertained.
Meanwhile, Laura covered Dick’s face again, forcing him to eat her out. With both McKenzies occupied I did my thing, and although Dick was unable to confirm it in words, I will guarantee you that he’d never had his dick sucked like that before. He twitched and he squirmed and he howled gurgling expressions of ecstasy, while giving me a minuscule amount of semen – all that his balls could produce so soon after his wife had wasted his good load.
The downside to all of this is that Frank was allowed to have the wholly-satisfying orgasm we had denied him for so long. All of our hard work went down the drain – that drain being Maggie’s pussy. The upside is that Frank’s dick was the main reason Dick and Maggie McKenzie had left all those phone messages. She needed that monster inside her. She had felt it before, but had been denied it for too long. Once she got it, and once she nearly crumbled the walls with her screams of pleasure, both Maggie and Dick were ready to go home.
After Laura got off of his face, he stood up and in a rather indignant tone announced, “Well, we got what we came for. Come on, Maggie, let’s go home.” Dick never said a word about his blow job. I guess he was trying to convince himself that it never really happened, because he never looked at me.
Frank exited and rolled off the top of her, and then Maggie stood up and started to follow her husband towards the door. But she noticed something new in the basement against the wall. “Frank, what is that?”
“Oh, it’s just a frame where we torture people. Want me to give you a tour?”
Nov. 22
“Oh, Dick, look at this. Think of how much fun we could have with one of these.” Maggie’s eyes lit up, as she inspected Frank’s frame, but her husband seemed critical.
“I’m not into all that weird shit,” he snorted while hovering near the door. “Come on, we both got off, I’m tired. Let’s go... h...o...m...e.”
Dick lost his thought. That’s because his wife had jumped up and grabbed hold of those two leather straps. When he saw her hanging like that, Dick was transfixed on her form. He meandered towards her, walking left and right to view from all angles. Of course, Maggie couldn’t hang on her own for more than a few seconds and she dropped.
“Wait a minute, honey. Do that again.”
She did for as long as she could and I think I know what he was seeing. Maggie’s tits are the kind that look like a ski slope. The tops have an indented curve, ending at her nipples. But when she stretches them, they become beautifully round with the nipples perfectly centered. The overall appearance is that of two juicy targets, with her brown pointy nipple tips the bull’s eyes.
“Show me how this works, Frank,” Dick insisted.
Guess the McKenzies still weren’t ready to let us get back to what we had been doing... and that was fine with us.
Nov. 23
Laura got the padded cuffs from her closet, and then Frank and I got Maggie set up. With our new victim hanging there suspended by her wrists, the Johnsons and I stepped back to see what Dick was going to do. He stalked her for awhile, pacing back and forth to inspect his prisoner, and then reached up with both hands to fondle her tits while verbally taunting.
“Well, fair lady. You got yourself into quite a fix, didn’t you?”
He flicked his tongue onto her nipple tip, and Maggie reacted like a proper submissive. She recoiled, pulling her tit away from him, but her dominating husband put his hand to her deltoid and brought her forward to re-establish his authority. Dick resumed his assault, using his hands, lips and tongue on both of Maggie’s breasts.
“You must not resist me. It will only make matters worse. You are mine, dear one. I will do with you as I please.”
Now, you probably have guessed that prior to this there had been no reason for me to admire or show any interest whatsoever in Dick McKenzie, but this Dick was a different man. This Dick was much more intriguing. His short, stocky, and mostly hairless frame became more attractive, plus I was growing fond of his slightly rounded, but still-firm belly. His air of manly domination was far preferable to that of a whining asshole, and his cock played its role as well. It was a perfectly proportional tool – about six and a half inches in length, one and a half in width.
So, I thought I might try to soften his attitude towards me.
“Sir,” I approached from his left. “May I have a taste of this pitiful woman?”
“Yes. Prepare her below, while I attack her above.”
That meant he wanted me to lick her pussy, which I did, while he mouthed and manipulated her tits, which he did.
Hers was a heavenly sliver of meat, handsomely framed by closely-cropped, dark brown hair. Her pink was dangling a bit and retracted when it felt my tongue. Maggie pulled her hips away from me, so I clamped onto her butt cheeks and returned her to my mouth. It didn’t take her long to surrender, because whether she knew it or not, her legs spread open inches at a time as I dug my tongue in deeper and deeper.
And above me, I could hear her husband slurping and kissing, with slight grunts rumbling beneath his breath. Maggie’s moans raised in pitch and volume, little by little, as Dominating Dick and Jack-of-all-trades Jack ravaged her helplessly suspended and exposed hot spots.
Nov. 24
Dick and I were becoming best of friends... partners, if you will. I assisted him with the torment of the helpless female. Kneeling before her, I orally assaulted her pussy, as she spread her legs and arched her back to accept my vagina-invading tongue. Dick’s feet and legs straddled me. He leaned forward to paint her tits with saliva, licking and kissing, while smearing the wetness all around with his hands, fingers and thumbs.
Our prisoner was losing herself in our two-pronged worship. She relished her helplessness, dramatizing her state of torment with groans of ecstatic agony, while arching her back to surrender her tits and spreading her legs to sacrifice her pussy.
There was a tension in the air, as Mr. & Mrs. McKenzie explored for the first time a new kind of sexual excitement. The thrill of total surrender and trust for her... the thrill of dominating power for him... their journey was taking them to new heights of satisfaction. Maggie’s undulations and moans intensified, as my tongue targeted her clittie. I could feel Dick’s hard pecker poking me between my shoulder blades. His pre-cum was dribbling and smearing my skin with sticky goodness. Perhaps they did not realize how close they were to blowing their loads, but I did, and I did not want them to waste this moment.
I removed my tongue from her. “Sir, the woman is ready for destruction. It is time for her to feel your power. Please use me as your stool for elevation.”
He moved aside and I laid on my back in front of Maggie’s feet, just barely below her dangling toes.
Dick stepped up with his bare feet onto my torso... one on my stomach, one on my chest. I tensed my body and turned my head to the right, where Laura and Frank were standing silently, arms wrapped around each other’s shoulders. They were spectators thoroughly entertained, as Frank sported a boner and Laura was dark with wetness.
I watched from below as Dick entered the helpless female. With his hands clamped firmly onto her hips, he guided his wife to and fro, impaling her on his manly rod. Finally, Frank and Laura involved themselves by standing behind her, fondling her breasts with their hands. And then, Dick completed her undoing. He stood firm and stationary on my torso, while manipulating Maggie’s pussy to cover and smother his cock. He jacked himself with her snapper. He pounded her meat to hamburger until she screamed in painful delight... and Dick McKenzie answered his woman’s call with the grunts of a caveman.
If you ask me, I had the best seat in the house. I suspected that after a brief intermission, the McKenzies would somehow be lured further into our play.
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Nov. 27
Maggie definitely was ready to come down. She was just hanging and gasping for air, totally exhausted from what most likely was the best orgasm she’d had in months. Dick seemed kind of bedraggled, too. After he pulled out, he stepped down off of me and immediately laid on the floor on his back, also sucking air.
I sprang to my feet to help Frank bring Maggie down. We removed her cuffs and she joined her husband, laying her head on his chest with her body in a fetal position next to him.
Frank, Laura and I knelt around their feet and legs. We started to rub and massage their feet and legs, both McKenzies too weary to care whose hands were doing what. I guess the Johnsons and I never realized how much we thought alike. We were totally in synch and our attention upon the McKenzies proved it. None of us spoke, because we were waiting to hear what Dick and/or Maggie would say about what they had just experienced. No prodding from us would be allowed.
Neither of them said anything for what seemed forever. We were beginning to wonder if they had dozed off, but when one of them did speak, it certainly wasn’t what I expected to hear. It was Dick and it had nothing to do with their recent session of Dom/sub fucking.
“Jack, you’re all right. Sorry I was so uptight.”
“Uh... no problem, Dick. We learn as we go.”
“You have a very talented mouth,” Maggie added. “I was primed and ready when Dick did his thing.”
“You can thank Laura for that. I’d never tasted one before until I met these two.”
That was a stupid thing to say, because naturally they wanted to know our history, but we didn’t feel like going into it. Instead, Laura told them to lay on their bellies and both of them got back rubs. Laura convinced them to spend the night, setting them up in a guest bedroom.
“Now, don’t you two do anything but sleep,” Frank warned. “We’ll be looking for you in the morning. Save yourselves for us.”
And with the McKenzies safely tucked away, Laura, Frank and I collapsed onto the Johnson bed. It was 3 am more or less. We suggested Frank get in the middle. Laura and I used his chest and belly for pillows and we plotted our next move... which would come sometime later Sunday morning... or afternoon.
Nov. 28
Good news is that we didn’t need to wake up the McKenzies, because they woke us up horny and ready for action; bad news is that the clock said 8:00 am, a little too early for me and the Johnsons.
“What the hell do you think you’re doing, you crazy woman?” That’s what I said to Maggie, as she pumped my piss-hard-on hard cock in her fist.
“Come on, people,” she enthusiastically urged. “It’s time to play.”
Frank, like me, was none too pleased, but used his anger fake or real to spring the plot. “Wanna play, do you? All right, lady. You’ve got it.” Maggie had fallen right into our trap.
He sprang off the mattress and reached under the bed to retrieve our restraint system. “Everybody clear off the bed.” We did and Frank stacked the three pillows in the center. He tossed two ends of the straps to me and together we set up the under-mattress bondage device. “Now, sweetheart,” Frank pointed to Maggie. “Get your ass on that bed.”
She laid down and I grabbed her left wrist. “Hey, Dick, do something useful and get her other wrist.” We got Maggie stretched out over those pillows with her tits sticking up in the air, and while Dick and I secured her wrists, Frank took care of her ankles. In a flash, Maggie was stretched spread eagle. Her spine was curved backwards, chest up and belly flat. It was nice – for everybody but her.
Frank decided we wouldn’t be needing Laura for anything other than assisting us. “Inform her of the safe word and how this works. Then go get the wand.”
Laura obeyed, while Frank and I simultaneously added our pee to the toilet water.
“Maggie’s kind of a hottie,” I told him.
“Yeah, she loves to have her tits worked over.”
“So, that’s why you wanted her over the pillows. Good idea. Those are the hottest of her hottie parts.”
When Laura returned from her basement closet of goodies, Frank gave her another task. “Give the Hitachi to Dick. Then you can go cook our breakfast.”
“For everybody?”
“Yes. Even her.”
Apparently Dick had manipulated the wand before, because he powered it up and tested the two speeds, sporting a full erection the whole time. Meanwhile, Frank and I crawled onto the bed on either side of Maggie and Frank set the mood.
“All right, you rude, thoughtless, worthless female... ruin my sleep, will you?” He knelt next to the right side of her chest, leaned over and smothered her titty with his mouth. I watched him for a minute or two, enjoying the sight of my manly man Frank ravishing the helpless woman’s tit. Maggie already was playing her part well, turning her head side to side, raising her chest higher and sucking her belly lower, which of course turned me on even more.
It was amazing to me how her tits could be so average-looking in their normal state, while when stretched they became electrifying. The damned things formed two perfectly circular balloons about 6 inches round. And in the center of each were exact, rounded nipples in circles of one and a half inches. The tips were also majestically centered, rising about 3/4 of an inch from the surface, and each nipple was colored a heavenly, medium-brown with just a hint of a reddish hue.
As soon as I put my mouth to her left tit, Frank removed his from her right. “Woman, I think you better apologize for interrupting our sleep.”
Maggie pulled against her restraints, which made her chest expand and breasts raise up even higher. “Never.”
“You better say you’re sorry.”
“I’ll never say it.”
“I think you will.” Frank joined me in a simultaneous assault of her pitifully vulnerable titties. Oh, god, how she writhed.
She lifted her head to watch us torture her nipples. “Ugh, you sadistic bastards. What are you doing to me?”
“Are you going to say you’re sorry?”
She looked at her saliva-soaked left tit, then the right, and then she dropped her head to the mattress, turning it side to side with her eyes closed. She was grunting, moaning, arching her back to thrust those breasts deeper into our mouths. And yes, I could see her upper teeth flashing just a hint of a pleasured smile.
Without interrupting his oral assault, Frank pointed to her pussy and Dick joined the game. He clicked the switch and the wand made a buzz. I kept on licking, while watching Dick put the tip of that thing to the top of her hood. Maggie’s body tensed, as she tried to bring her legs together, which of course her straps would not allow. She looked up between Frank’s head and my head to see her dastardly husband torturing her pussy, as he worked the wand into her a fraction of an inch, then pulled it back to the hood. Each time he forced it in just a little deeper, working it side to side and lifting the curve to vibrate the top lip of her vagina.
“Are you sorry, now?” Frank asked between tit-sucking.
“Ugh,” was her answer, as she dropped her head back to the mattress. Maggie no longer was grunting... she was moaning every time she exhaled. Her legs no longer fought the restraints... they were opening up wider.
Dick kept working the wand, as now his penetration was about half its total length. He added to her punishment by putting his face to her stretched belly. He licked it; he kissed it; and he buried his tongue into her tragically elongated navel. I decided to devote my hands to her torment, joining my tongue and lips. My right hand clamped around her bicep/tricep. I squeezed and pushed it down to further stretch her arm pit and the skin leading to her breast. My left hand rubbed flat on her lower chest and upper stomach, heating her skin with warm friction.
Warm did not describe what was happening inside our helpless female. Her husband targeted that wand to her G-spot and the poor woman convulsed. Her entire body tensed, and then she twitched and contorted as though electricity was running through her. The sounds she made grew louder, the pitch-level sang higher and higher.
Oh, it is one hell of a scene for a woman to be stretched spread-eagle, her vulnerable breasts thrust high into the air while two men ravage them with lips and tongues; her tight, flattened belly mercilessly assaulted by another man’s lips and tongue, her abdominal wall made even more beautiful by the woman herself sucking in that belly as far as it could go; her helplessly unprotected, spread-wide-open pussy invaded by the tantalizing vibration, her vaginal walls and muscles quivering inside and out, inviting three dominant males to torture her more... more... MORE!
Her talented husband buried the tool completely into her and turned up the power. He manipulated the evil impaler in and out, side to side in a torturously slow and ecstatically mind-blowing buzz-fuck... and our woman spewed. She arched her back until I thought her spine would snap. She screamed with each gravelly-throated exhale – exhales which came few and far between. Her body flexed to capacity; her fists clenched and toes curled; her head shook side to side and she coated that wand with her milk.
Finished, her body collapsed, but only for a few seconds. Dick continued to poke her with his hand-held dick and she convulsed for another round of orgasmic writhing. Her second coming was expressed with pleadings for mercy.
“Oh, god... I’m sorry... Yes, yes, yes... I am sorry, Frank... Forgive me, Jack... Dick... oh, god, please stop... you fucking men... god, I am so sorry... oh, god, yes, please.... no more... please...god, not again... no... I’ll be good... please forgive me... ...”
Well, you get the idea. She wanted it to end and she wanted it to never end. Poor thing couldn’t decide. Round number two for Maggie seemed to go on for several minutes, all accompanied by unbridled writhing and verbal expression, until Dick finally withdrew the wand and turned off the switch. Maggie collapsed in total exhaustion, while we three men rubbed her down with our rough, masculine hands.
What a trooper this woman was. She renewed her writhing from our touch, smiling pleasurably and moaning with satisfied “Mmm’s.” Frank, Dick and I looked at one another and were quite pleased with what we had done to her, but, being men, we quickly forgot about it when Laura came into the room.
“Breakfast is ready, boys.”
“Thank god,” Frank exclaimed. “I’m starving.”
“Me, too,” I added. “What about her?”
Frank grinned. “Men eat first. Women get the leftovers.”
And you will notice that nobody said anything about "Federal Dollars."
Nov. 29
Laura had set the table for five, but only four were seated. She’d cooked us scrambled eggs, bacon, toast and cut up a bunch of fruit. After everybody had gotten their fill, Frank fixed a plate for Maggie, handed it to me and downed the last of his coffee.
“Jack, you’re coming with me. You two can clean up this mess.”
“But, why do I have to do kitchen work?” Dick wanted to know.
“Can it, McKenzie!” Laura answered his question. “In this house, Frank’s the king... we’re the peons.”
“And Jack’s my jester. Come on, fool. Let’s go feed our prisoner.”
How’s that for a role-play flip-flop? Without the McKenzies, Frank was our slave; with them, he was top dog. Now I had to decide which I liked better. First thing he said to Maggie was the safe words, which was a smart move. This was only her second time in bondage with us, and this time her husband was not with her.
“Maggie, is everything all right? Do you need to go to the bathroom or anything?”
“Well, I’m ok. My back hurts a little and I’m starving.”
“As you can see, Jack brought a plate.”
“Thank goodness.”
“Ok, darling. We’re going to play some games. Don’t forget... say Federal Dollars if you want us to stop... understand?”
“Yes, Frank. Federal Dollars.”
Frank kissed Maggie on the lips, and then motioned for me to kneel on the mattress space between Maggie’s face and the headboard... between her stretched arms.
“Jack, this woman would like her breakfast now.” He winked at me and slightly turned his head side to side.
“Well, let’s see. We have some eggs; we have some toast... and fruit... oh, here we go... let’s start with the bacon.”
I grabbed two strips and set the plate down. Holding one of each between the fingers and thumb of my right and left hand, I waved them in front of Maggie’s face. She opened wide, I thrust it towards her mouth and quickly pulled it back.
“It’s not right to waste such good-tasting bacon,” I teased. “They will probably taste better here.”
Holding each strip flat, I placed them atop the tips of her nipples and used them to scratch her.
“Hey, Jack, come on. Enough silliness. Let me have some.”
Frank had already got himself on all fours, his knees between her thighs and hands straddling her rib cage.
“Lady,” I addressed her. “I think you misunderstood what we said. FRANK is going to feed you. This food on the plate is for him.” And with that, Frank snatched one piece of bacon from her tit with his teeth, while inserting his hard dick to the opening of her vagina.
“Oh, you sons-a-bitches!” Maggie was not pleased. “What did I do this time?”
“What did you do?” Frank gobbled the other strip of bacon. “You got your nasty cunt juice on my very expensive pillows. That’s what you did.”
Frank kept his cock at the portal of her vagina. Only his corona had entered, as he waited for the next course. I made clumps of scrambled eggs with my hands and placed one ball apiece onto her nipples.
“Well, you shouldn’t have put your damn pillows underneath me.”
“There’s no need to be indignant,” I scolded. “Besides, nothing you say will matter now anyway. Will it, Frank?”
Frank was busy swallowing his eggs. After the balls were sent down the hatch, he licked all remnants from her nipples with a heavy, scraping tongue. There were two pieces of toast with butter and jelly. I laid them atop her breasts, then forced them down until her nipples pierced through the center of the bread.
“I don’t want toast.” Frank whined.
“Well, don’t eat it then,” I barked. We admired the configuration of Maggie’s handsome nipples sticking straight up through the middle of the broken toast... trickles of butter and jelly dribbling onto the meat of her breasts.
“Here, have these.” I put strawberries onto her tits. Frank ate them. Next came wedges of cantaloupe. Frank at those, too. As for Maggie, she was starting to get into it. Her eyes were closed and mouth shut. The roundness of her nipples was shrinking and her tips were rising. There was pineapple, then more egg balls, then Frank simply ate Maggie’s tits.
“Aren’t you filled up yet, Frank?” I asked him, in order to taunt her. “If you don’t want that toast, get out of the way and I’ll eat it.”
He moved away so that I could get at her. I lifted with my tongue the tit-framing bread from her right breast and chomped it, sending crumbs to roll down her balloon. Piece by piece, I stuffed my mouth, until nothing was left on her breast besides spilled butter, jelly and crumbs. And as I proceeded to lick away the mess I had made, Frank started to slow grind her pussy while kissing the crown of my head. Her right tit licked clean, I moved onto the left to repeat the process.
Frank fed her heavenly hole with slow strokes, penetrating with half his cock and rubbing his mushroom onto her clitoris. We started to hear familiar moans coming from our starved prisoner, while her undulations made it an adventure for me to get that toast into my mouth. But I did succeed and I did lick the hell out of her tit to get all the butter and jelly, not to mention getting Maggie to moan a little louder.
“And now, my dear, if you truly are hungry, I suggest you eat this.” I positioned my cock near her semi-inverted face and coaxed her to open her mouth. It didn’t take much coaxing, as she eagerly wrapped her lips around the head of my dick. I held my position, keeping myself steady for her to suck, while I watched Frank’s beautiful ballet. He masterfully swivelled his hips, targeting the head of his dick to rub on her clittie from left, right, above and below. And then, he lowered himself atop her raised chest. He smashed her titties with his furry chest and took his cock to the depths of her pussy. Maggie shuddered, as did I. Naturally, it scared me when she was jolted because she had my dick in her mouth, but she professionally maintained control. I never felt her teeth, only her lips and tongue.
As Frank lifted off of her to resume targeting her clit, I leaned forward to mouth her titties, while gently thrusting my dick to and fro. I didn’t really expect to get off. After all, her tongue was on the wrong side of my cock, but watching Frank approach her in the same, tantalizingly slow manner got me fired up pretty good. Neither one of us were there for any other reason but to get her off, and we definitely did that in a big way, but Maggie’s orgasmic cries and undulations brought Frank to the brink, while his performance did the same to me. I pulled out of her mouth so I could jack my load onto her tits; and Frank pulled out so he could jack his load onto her belly.
“Here, sweetheart... here’s your breakfast.” Frank scooped his come from her belly and stuck his finger into her mouth. I smeared my jizz with both hands all over her tits, then let her lick my fingers and palms dry.
“Are you happy, now?” I asked her. She answered with affirmatives, some of which were actual words, but mostly just garbled expressions accented with slurping.
“Well, Jack, we better see if those two got my kitchen cleaned up.”
We left Maggie without safe wording her. I carried the plate with remaining food while following Frank, and when we turned the corner into the kitchen, it was clean but they were gone. We went to the living room... empty. We went to the guest bedroom and Frank opened the door. Naked Dick was gliding back and forth across the top of our naked cook, who looked over his shoulder and smiled at us.
"Hi, boys. We cleaned your kitchen, but Dick got tired of waiting for you."
“Well, I’ll be god damned go to hell.” I got that from Uncle J., in case you’ve never listened to any of our broadcasts.
Frank added. “Some people have got a lot of nerve, eh, Jack? Turning my house into a whore house.”
“Yeah, and with your wife, no less. Didn’t even have the courtesy to ask you.”
Nov. 30
Remember how on Saturday we made Frank get the pool ready for use? Well, today, that would be Dick’s duty. We never said another word to Dick and Laura, just closed the door and went back to Maggie.
“Federal Dollars,” Frank let her out and we both removed her straps. “Maggie, your husband has been a very bad boy.”
“I wondered where he went. What’s he doing?”
“Well, right now, he’s in your room fucking my wife.”
“Are you shitting me? That son of a bitch.”
Frank and I chuckled with glee, as we helped Maggie limber up her spine so she could roll off the mattress.
“I’m going to kill that bastard.” She started to go towards the guest bedroom, with me and Frank right behind her, but then she stopped. “Frank, do you know what I’m thinking?”
“Let’s go to Laura’s closet.”
Imagine my shock when Maggie picked out a rubber dick from the shelf. Were they actually going to do what I was thinking?
“Where’s the lube, Frank?”
Holy shit. They seemed to be heading in that direction. I couldn’t believe it. Of course, I didn’t say anything, but I was thinking to myself. ‘Are you going to tell me that Mr. Macho, who was so offended at the thought of some queer touching him, liked cock up his ass?’ Well, cousins (as Uncle Jasper would say), that is exactly what they did.
Maggie burst into the room. “Dick, you low down son of a bitch. Like to fuck, do you? Well, fine. You can have it at both ends.”
She greased that thing up, while Frank and I stood to watch. It wasn’t any monster... one of those black ones about 10 inches – but as Maggie lubed it up and pressed it between Dick’s butt cheeks, he raised his ass a few inches, ready and willing to take it. His own cock was still inside Laura, and as Maggie shoved the head of that dildo past the rim of his ass, Dick started thrusting forward to fuck her, then raised his ass to take more dildo. Each time he withdrew from Laura, his wife would force that thing into him a little deeper, until he eventually took it all. From then on, she kept it plugged into his ass while he screwed the woman laying under him.
Frank was not into this. His dick was limp. I wasn’t either. My dick was limp. But obviously the McKenzies had done this before on their own, as well as with the Johnsons.
Dick got off and Laura got off, then we all made plans for the day, but I can tell you that from that point on, I lost all interest in Dick McKenzie... the fucking hypocrite. Of course, this event at the Johnson home predates, but when I heard recently of that guy in Colorado... Haggard... I thought of Dick McKenzie. Same mind set. Big time preacher railing against the sins of homosexuality, when he’s a little closet queer himself. Made me wish that dildo Maggie used had been about two times bigger. I wish she would have, as they say, torn him a new asshole.
This is probably going to piss some people off, but I don’t give a fuck. It’s a free read, so if you don’t like it, skip it. Maybe I’ve got it all wrong, but I ain’t into assholes. All I can think of is shit... and shit smells bad... and bad smells ruin good sex. I’ve always loved men, (and thanks to the Johnsons, I now know I love women, too), but I need a man to be a man. To me, taking a dick up your ass is not being a man.
Laura took Maggie to the kitchen to fix her some breakfast (around noon?), while we men donned swim trunks and made Dick clean the pool. That’s how the afternoon was spent – swimming (with suits), sunbathing, napping, and raiding the fridge whenever we felt like it.
I said very little to Dick throughout the day, but enjoyed conversations and water play with his wife and Laura and Frank. At one point, I managed to have a private conversation with Frank. We were both in the kitchen, while the others were outside.
“Hey, I’ve got some real problems with Dick McKenzie.”
“Yeah, Jack, I can tell.”
“Too bad we can’t get rid of him and keep Maggie.”
“Well, let me work on it. I’ll come up with something.”
I actually was hoping the McKenzies would decline when Laura asked them to stay for dinner, but they accepted and we all five worked in the kitchen together. After we finished eating, everybody kind of sat around wondering how we should get back into some sort of role play. And just as he promised, Frank came through for me.
“Maggie, I don’t know about you, but I’m still pissed at your husband and my wife for their little adventure.”
“Yes, Frank. They could have at least asked your permission.”
“What do you think we should do with them?”
“I don’t know. What do you think?”
“Well, I think your husband should be forced to watch us have our own fun.”
“I trust your judgement, Frank. Show me what to do.”
Frank had put some planning into this. He walked over to one of the cabinets. “Your husband needs to be kept on a short leash. And here it is.”
He handed Maggie a leather collar with ring and leash attached. She secured the velcro-connecting collar around Dick’s neck and stood ready with leash in hand. He never made a move or said a word.
“Come on, Laura.” Frank took his wife by the hand. “I know you are smart enough to take your punishment without resisting me.”
With Frank in the lead, we headed for the basement, Maggie tugging her husband along to take up the rear.
“Everybody strip.”
Goodbye, damp bathing suits..Frank got me to help him cuff Laura’s wrists, and then we got her suspended. He opened the latch on the upper set of wooden stocks, and then lifted the top half to separate them. They were about three feet off the floor and were designed with three holes, instead of the lower stocks that had two (remember, that’s where Laura and I had Frank’s feet when we did the feather thing). On the upper stocks, two holes were for wrists and one in the middle was for the neck. Frank took the leash from Maggie and dragged Dick towards the device. Leaving the leather collar on him, Frank forced Dick to bend over with his neck resting in the middle half-circle, while Maggie and I put his wrists into the two on either side. Frank closed the hinged top half of the stock and locked it.
Dick was bent at the waist about 90 degrees, with his body outside of the frame supports. His wrists were in holes about one foot on either side of his head, and his face looked towards the floor inside the frame supports. His feet were flat on the carpet and unrestrained. He could see Laura if he turned his head to the right, but it was not a comfortable move to make.
“Well, Maggie, I think these two should learn the proper way to do things. And who better to show them than the three of us?”
Frank went to the closet and motioned for me to follow him. He never said a word, just handed me a tube of lube and a condom.
He and Maggie proceeded to lay on the floor in front of Laura’s dangling feet and below Dick’s immobilized head. They embraced, laying side to side, kissing one another and rubbing their bodies together. Once Frank rolled on top of her, and invaded her, my dick took off like a rocket.
I didn’t really have much desire to fuck Dick McKenzie. It certainly couldn’t match the loving warmth of a pussy hole or a talented mouth, but as I kindly worked my way into his vulnerable ass, I began to get a bit of satisfaction... not from the act, but from the reason I was doing it.
Frank had set this up for me, and I began to understand why. I was not cruel. I did not fuck in a way to hurt him, but I did call him some ugly names. This was only because he had called me ugly names, and now, even though he couldn’t have stopped me if he wanted to, he took my cock up his ass and liked it. His dick was hard and it wasn’t just because he was watching Frank fuck his wife. It was also because of what I was doing to him and my name-calling that went with it. Bitch.
It’s too bad, really. I kind of liked him when he had been Dick the Dominator, working on his suspended wife while standing on top of me. He had turned me on then. His body and his cock were growing on me. I had totally forgiven him for all the smart-ass comments he had made, but no more.
Revenge is a dish best served hot, with ass-fucking... if you can stand the smell.

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