Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Shoot the Galoot

originally titled Perfect Timing on the Jardonn's Erotic Tales web site

written by Jardonn Smith

Joey Scimeca was a big guy. Big, strong and stupid. It wasn't like he was mental of nothin'. It's just 'cause he never learned from his fuck-ups. 

See, Joey was a two-faced back-stabber. No matter how many times fellas in the neighborhood would try to help him out, he'd screw 'em over when they wasn't lookin'. 

For example: One time Joey's hard up for cash and can't pay his rent, so this guy gets him a job workin' at his brother-in-law's meat market. Two days later, 'bout 50 pounds of beef comes up missin'. Sure enough, when the fellas busted into Joey's apartment, there's the meat scattered all over in the front room, just rottin' and smellin' up the place. He didn't even want the shit. He just took it 'cause that's the way he was. 

So, we'd always have to take him somewhere and beat the crap out of him. But did he ever learn? Hell, no. He'd just start hangin' with some new pals and do the same thing to them. He even did about six months inside Ellsworth for some petty bullshit, I can't even remember what. But did he learn? Must have learned enough to keep from takin' a shank or gettin' his salad tossed. Or maybe not on the second part. Hell, I dunno. All I know is, back on the outside, back to the same old Joey.

The cops weren't really surprised when they found Joey dead, 'cause of his reputation and all. What did kinda get to 'em was how they found him. These detectives were hard-nosed dicks who thought they'd seen it all, but findin' Joey like he was, well, I guess it kinda turned their guts inside out. 

Joey got to hangin' with some hoods up north of here, seein' is how he used up all his credit with us. He hooked up with this guy called Eddie Rosario, who was runnin' some sorta underground slot machine racket up there.

Well, this Rosario didn't really know Joey Scimeca, and Joey sure as hell didn't know him, not good enough anyway. The guy asks Joey to watch his girlfriend for a coupla hours like a bodyguard type deal, while he and his pals goes to make some collections. 

Naturally, Joey starts hittin' on her for a piece of ass and when she ain't willin' to give it up, he beats the shit out of her and takes it anyway.

Didn't take long for Rosario and a few buddies to come into our neck of the woods to drag Joey away. You think we was gonna save his silly ass? No fuckin' way. We figured they'd just beat him up real good like we always done to him and that'd be the end of it. 

They took him out to the end of Murfreesboro Road, where one of 'em's got an uncle with a tire warehouse and no alarms. Once they got him inside there, they took turns holdin' back his arms and punchin' him all over his belly and chest, 'til they knew he wouldn't fight back no more. There's about 12 of 'em takin' turns workin' him over, while Rosario stands back to watch. After they's done, he tells 'em to strip Joey and take him over to this big work bench they got in there that's about three feet tall. So, they get him all naked and layin' on top of this bench, then they tie up his hands and feets with ropes. 

He's layin' face up on top of this bench with no clothes on. His arms's stretched past his head and his head's right at the end of the bench. They tie his wrists together and knot the ends of the ropes back to the legs of the work bench, so his arms's kinda pulled down below where his head is and his back's raised off the table a bit and chest stickin' up in the air.  

This bench's about four feet long, so Joey's legs're bent at the knees and they tie his ankles to the legs holdin' up that end of the bench.

There he is all stretched out and naked, waitin' to see what Rosario's got in mind as far as revenge. Joey had a helluva body. I seen it before when we's at the swimmin' beach. His chest's all thick and solid, and his belly's tapered down to the waist with real heavy lines of muscle that look strong as shit. He didn't try to be that way. He's just born with it I guess. 

The first thing they do is bring out Rosario's woman. She starts slappin' and punchin' on him, then took her nails and scratched the shit outta his face. Kinda made him look like her. After she finally wears herself out gettin' even, Rosario takes over. 

He has 'em all get some tire irons and start wailin' on Joey. Guess they cracked about every rib in him and turned that hard midsection of his into a bowl of mush. Rosario just stands there watchin' and listenin' to poor Joey grunt and groan. Guess he never did cry out or beg 'em to stop or nothin'. Don't know if it's 'cause he's too stupid or just didn't give a fuck no more. 

After Rosario gets satisfied, he brings over this chick he knows that works the streets. He gives her a few bills and tells her to start suckin' Joey's dick. He's beat all to hell and probably bleedin' inside out, but the big guy gets his cock hard real fast. Guess that whore really knew how to work it.

Anyways, while she's gettin' Joey off, Rosario leans over and whispers somethin' in the cock sucker's ear. She keeps on blowin' him while Joey's cryin' out like a bitch. Whether it's from the bj or the beaten he'd took or both, I couldn't tell ya.

Bottom line is that just as Joey's about to shoot his load, the chick takes him outta her mouth and Rosario pulls out this little pistol, like a Beretta Tomcat or somethin', I dunno. Joey shoots his wad just as a bullet's goin' through his cock. Blood and jizz spew out the end of his dick at the same time, which's gotta be one helluva thing to see. 

That's when Rosario tells his boys to start cuttin' him up. They all pull out their blades and go to work slicin' Joey to pieces. They don't do his face, 'cause Rosario wants the cops to see who he is. Don't do his cock or nuts or what's left of 'em neither, but everything else gets cut up real good. 

That's how they left him. Then, they come over here to tell us all about it. Every bit of every minute of what they done to Joey, like we're supposed to believe this shit really happened... then again, puttin' what Rosario said with what the cops said, I gotta bad feeling Joey got all that done to him for real. 

Anyways, Eddie Rosario comes struttin' over to us like some macho man, actin' like he's wantin' to start somethin' up with us. We just stand there listenin' to him, while he's slobberin' from givin' us all the details. Talkin' like a real hot shit smart ass, darin' us to do somethin' about it.

Know what we tell him? 

We say, "Thanks. We shoulda done it ourselves long time ago. Now, get your fuckin' ass outta here. Next time we see you on our turf we'll do all of you's like what you's done to Joey."

Cops ain't ever gonna solve this one, 'cause they don't give a shit any more'n anybody else. Guess I used to feel sorry for Joey when he'd get beat up and all, but that's a long time ago. Fucked up shit like that happens 'cause it's supposed to. Ain't nothin' I can do about it. 

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