Sunday, October 18, 2015

Man of Black and White (encore part 2)

The time had come. These wrestlers would now prove what they already suspected. 

Shirtless Jimmy's arms were held behind his back and he was brought towards the center of the ring. Forcing him to kneel between his hero's stretched thighs, they grabbed Jimmy by the hair and shoved his face into the tortured wrestler's belly. Then they ordered Jimmy to lick it. He slowly placed his tongue into the man's navel and began leaving trails of saliva on the flattened muscles around it. Hodges looked up over his chest to watch the humiliation of his friend, then lowered it, wanting to see no more. Jimmy tasted the briny sweat coating the man's skin and felt the power underneath, while concentrating on the trail of fur that connected his idol's belly button to the pubic hair, leaving tiny beads of spit mixed with the manly sweat.

The belly worship was suddenly interrupted, as Jimmy's face was cruelly rammed into Hodges' crotch. They demanded that he suck this man's dick. His nose was buried into the pubic hair and lips pressed against the flaccid penis.

Hodges flexed when he felt his manhood being touched, but didn't bother to look up, because what he heard told him all he needed to know. Jimmy was being verbally taunted by the sadistic bastards, as his head was maliciously turned from side to side and face ground into Hodges' sweaty pubic hair and spongy cock. They began to chant for Jimmy to suck it... suck it... suck it. The pathetic fans soon joined in the chant to further antagonize poor Jimmy and his tormented hero. Suck it... suck it... SUCK IT! 

Reluctantly, he engulfed the prone wrestler's penis into his mouth and began to work his tongue around the head of the organ. The helpless man groaned at Jimmy's forced worship of his manhood, as it seemed unimaginable to him that this could be happening in front of all these people. How could it be that not one person in the entire arena was outraged enough to stop this obscenity? He cried out for someone - anyone to help him and his friend, but his pleadings went unanswered. The referee, the MC, the people in the stands and even some of the wrestlers themselves, all were silently mesmerized by the unbelievable proceedings in the center of the ring. 

Jimmy slowly began to realize why he had idolized this man for so long. Subconscious thoughts that he had kept suppressed for years began bubbling to the surface and as the tortured man's unit began to grow larger, Jimmy's excitement also grew. He could feel the incredible power that he had so long admired. The strength, the defiance, the masculinity, all were being summoned from the furthest reaches of the man's body. From the manly feet, the ruggedly handsome face, even the powerfully thick hands and hair-covered, muscular forearms, the essence of Dick Hodges was now rushing to one place and Jimmy could feel the power of it. Every quality that he adored, every trait that he worshiped was now concentrated into this man's magnificent penis. 

Jimmy increased the intensity, as what he had always secretly dreamed became a reality. His tongue now began attacking the head of his hero's cock each time he brought the moistened lips to the end of the unit. Taking his mouth back to the base, Jimmy tried to engulf the fully erect organ down his throat. The very being of Dick Hodges was under his control and he wanted all of it. Jimmy was now oblivious to those surrounding him, because he was totally focused on one goal, and that was to take Dick Hodges to a place he had never known. 

Hodges was flexing as Jimmy's enthusiasm grew. He no longer could feel the pain of his tortured body, because the entire focus of the nervous system had been channeled to one specific place. What he was feeling in his penis had never been experienced before - not like this. The revelations that had overwhelmed Jimmy were being transferred to the sensitive organ of this man and Hodges absorbed it. He too was oblivious to everything and everyone - except for Jimmy. This was no blow job, but something divine, something that traveled far beyond hero-worship. Jimmy was taking him somewhere unknown before to either of them and he transferred what he felt back to Jimmy, making his mighty cock grow harder, longer and more powerful than it had ever been before. 

Jimmy shook when he felt the reverberations being sent to him. Now he knew - Dick Hodges was everything he had ever hoped he would be. They had discovered one another. He frantically attacked the man's dick to increase the tempo and all he could hear were sounds of ecstasy, moans and groans coming from the center of the ring, as the naked hero was lovingly serviced by his ringside assistant. Hodges flexed every muscle in his powerful body and the mighty cock recoiled to fire its seed into Jimmy's mouth. One huge gob of semen after another came rushing out as the young man continued sucking him with an uncontrolled gusto. Years of subconscious yearning came rushing up Dick Hodges' shaft and Jimmy eagerly received every spurt of this man's fluid, frantically swallowing again and again, wishing it would never end. 

Finally, Hodges was totally spent. He emitted guttural exclamations of pain and pleasure as Jimmy continued to suck on him long after the orgasm was finished. The constant attack on the sensitive head of his penis caused him to writhe and twitch his beaten down body, but soon the wrestlers had seen enough and they pulled Jimmy away, casting him over the top rope and crashing to the floor. 

Hodges' body collapsed as he was at last released from this incredible oral praise. The orgasm and aftermath had taken what few ounces of strength he had left and now the realization of his battered, broken body began to return. 

As the crowd remained in a mesmerized silence, he was lifted up by the wrestlers holding his four limbs and they began pulling in four directions. Killer Manjaro rolled out from underneath him, while Hodges howled in agony - his naked body now horizontally suspended and quartered, stretched in mid-air. Simultaneously, they released the man and sent him crashing to the mat flat on his back. One by one they began to exit the ring, each stopping along the way for one final, revenge-filled stomp onto either the chest or belly, but Hodges did not even react to this. The strength was gone - energy drained to the point that neither his arms nor legs could be lifted to defend the battered torso. This once glorious, powerfully compact and masculine form was abandoned - now by the very man to which it belonged - to absorb every ruthless blow, until their lust for vengeance was finally exhausted. 

Soon the ring held only the five. Hodges lay naked and spread eagled in the center of the ring - eyes closed; pitiful groans drifting up from the twisted mouth; mighty chest heaving majestically into the air; flattened belly rising and falling at a torturous pace - as the referee stood silently in the corner, where he had remained during this entire abomination. Now Bucksaw waved him over. Khan pinned Hodges' ankles, Manjaro his wrists. Bucksaw stepped up onto the chest with his crushing logger boots and the referee counted slowly. 

One... two... three. 

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