Monday, August 17, 2015

The Underground Vixens of Ballbreaker Pass - Part 5 - Final

"Well, Celeste," Jack stroked her silvery hair through his fingers. "We got one problem left to fix. Let's see if our grey goop can help us out.” 

Jack coaxed his woman to stand with him above the still-pinned-to-the-floor Bart Conroy, but before either of them could ask him anything, Conroy blurted out a secret.

"I kilt a man back in Salina, Kansas."

"Oh, did ya now?" Jack chuckled. "Did they catch you?" 

"No. Was an accident. We was ridin' out to..."

"We don't need the story. You killed him and never told nobody. Ain't that right?"


"What do ya think we oughtta do about it? There's about 80 witnesses just heard you say that."

"I dunno. What do ya wanna do?"

Jack looked to Celeste. "Works like a charm. Guess we're all set."

"Yes, we are. Tell him, Jack."

"Well, Bart, we could turn you in... that is, unless you’d like to do us a little favor."

"I suspect I will. What is it?"

"Pete Radcliffe is dead. You saw his body at the bottom of a ravine, or at least what was left of it after the wolves and turkey vultures had their fill. Fell he did. Tumbled about a hunnerd feet. Ain't that right?"

"Come to think of it, I did see a man's body. All that was left was bones and prison garb. That must've been poor ol' Pete."

"I suspect it was. I saw it, too. Guess we better go back and tell 'em what happened."

"Guess so."

Jack stood. "Ladies, dig out my clothes. Me and Bart's goin' to Colorado. Damn threads'll probably rub my skin raw, it's been so long since I wore any."

Celeste ordered that Pete be released from the wheel, while the other two men prepared for their journey. All gathered in the welcoming room, where Pete proceeded to satisfy any female who hadn't already felt what he was packing. 

"Where's Bart's horse?" Jack asked, clutching his trusty Henry repeating rifle and fully outfitted in the same clothes he'd worn when captured. 

"Just inside Jacob’s hole," answered Celeste. This was the original entrance to the cave, found by Jacob Nehi and closed by his followers once every person and their wagons were safely inside. To get there, Jack and Bart would climb down from their hole of capture and walk a quarter mile east, where the 10-feet-high opening recessed into rock about eight yards. "Been fed and watered. There's one for you, too. Pack horse he brought with him. Elizabeth‘s watching both." Celeste had sent Elizabeth to fetch the animals after Jack dragged Bart through the hole, figuring it better to give them shelter rather than let them starve to death or fall prey to carnivores.  

"Ok, darling, I'll leave it with you. Should be about five days. I’ll make sure Mr. Conroy gets his story straight. If I ain't back, go ahead without me. Pete can handle about anything, with or without me."

They looked over to see Pete lying on his back with hands folded under his head for a pillow. Females surrounded him. They one at a time were mounting their steed's mighty cock, riding him like there was no tomorrow.

"Yes, Jack," Celeste grinned. "I think Pete can handle anything or anyone just fine."

"Pete," he yelled, "I'll see ya when I get back."

"Ok." Pete was oblivious to everything except the fuck, but then thought to ask, "Hey, Jack, how long does this stuff work? My dick ain't ever been this hard this long."

"Hell, son, I don't know. Guess you can just keep on pokin' holes forever till your pecker's had enough."

"Fine by me," and Pete returned to his duties. Wasn't a bad idea, he thought. Not a bad life for an escaped convict. Living in a cave, hidden from the outside world, fed, tended to and worshiped by a gaggle of horny females for the rest of your days, but unbeknownst to Pete, Celeste had other plans. She would allow Pete Radcliffe to fuck her daughters until their appetites were satisfied, and then she'd prepare this man for the future -- his very worthwhile future. 

"We are Mormons," she told him on the third day of Jack's absence, when Pete's craving for sex had finally subsided enough so that he'd listen to anything not related to the subject of fornicating. "Jacob and I broke away when Brigham decided to attack those settlers. Killing innocents has nothing to do with our faith. Jacob brought us all here to continue the true teachings of Joseph Smith."

Of course, Pete didn't have a clue as to what she was talking about -- hadn't even heard of the massacre of settlers passing through Utah territory on their way further west. But he sat and listened with respect. 

"When we discovered the power of that grey muck in the pool, Jacob knew that was his calling. His duty to God was to right the wrongs of this wild country, but Jacob up and died on me before we could get started. When we stumbled upon Jack, I thought he'd be the perfect man, but he shot blanks. It won't work without manseed, Pete."

"What won't work?"

"That grey liquid. It's a truth serum, but it only works when it's fired from the penis of a virile man."

"You mean, a man like me?"

"To me, you're man enough without the serum, but when that muck is in your belly, you feel no pain. No other man can match your strength, nor speed, nor any other physical ability. With the serum inside you, dear Pete, you are invincible."

Jack Hutch did return on that fifth day, and I suppose you‘ll think me a genuine cad for leaving things as they are right here. But hell, what am I supposed to do? Sit here and write ten books all at once?

Pete and Jack truly did become crime-fighters of the American West. Their many adventures entail sagas of defending the downtrodden and rescuing those in peril. Pete and Jack also, together or solo, often fell into the clutches of evil men and evil women, suffered through interrogations and tortures, but always won the day with their amazing strength and sexual prowess. And all because of that amazing discovery in Jacob Nehi's cave -- grey gunk that smelled to high heaven. Sure, it could burn the hairs right out of a man's nostrils, but it also served as truth serum to those who'd done wrong, and as the protector of right-minded, horny men.  

And so, yes, now that you know how Pete came to be a he-man I must end his beginning, but he will emerge from his cave some day, when I get around to unsealing what Jacob Nehi closed. Look for him along with Jack Hutch, and together we will relive the wild escapades of… 

Pete Radcliffe, He-man of the American West

* * * * *

the end

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