Sunday, August 9, 2015

The Underground Vixens of Ballbreaker Pass - Part 4b

Into the room came another naked man, groggily stumbling between the grasping hands of two daughters. "Hey, I know that fellow," exclaimed Pete. "That's Bart Conroy, from Montezuma County."

"Yes, Pete," Celeste confirmed. "We dragged him out of that hole same as we did you. Been wrestling him ever since. He claims he's the tracker from that prison you were in."

"Right as rain, that's exactly who he is. How long has he been here?"

"Jack heard a rustling when we were giving you a bath and you were asleep." She gazed over to Jack, who was wildly spinning on the wheel, whooping and hollering on his orgasmic merry-go-round. "Jack went up there and dragged that tracker in all by himself. Jack's one hell of a man, but he's got no seed. Screws like a mad dog, but nothing comes out."

Grunts, screams and moans confirmed it, as Jack's spinning cock contracted blanks and his aged girlfriend spasmed real juice. 

"Are you happy, Maggie?" Jack chuckled as the wheel came to a halt. 

The poor thing nearly collapsed, forcing the others to rescue her in their arms. She babbled ecstatically, "Oh, my god. What a fucking man. Lordy, lordy, lordy, I love that man's pecker."

As for Jack, he posed just like Pete, puffing up his broad chest, sucking in his thick and well-sculptured belly, begging for more. "Gimme anothern, Celeste. I'll fix all of 'em good."

Pete broke into laughter, "Me, too, Celeste. Gimme anothern."

Jack got his wish, but Pete got something else. "Got to try something first, young man. This Conroy fellow's got some learning to do. Back him up there, ladies."

They pounced on the weakened man like carnivorous beasts, lifting him up with his knees bent and thighs spread wide. Conroy was tilted so that his upper torso was horizontal while the rest of him was vertical position, chest down, waist bent, and arms pulled past his head by hands holding his wrists. He was shaped like an L turned to the right. One of the females spit on her hand and rubbed her slickum onto Bart's anus, while another did the same with her spit onto Pete's hard pecker. Then, they impaled Bart Conroy onto Pete’s dick. 

Pete could not have cared less. For him, in his state of lustful craziness any hole would do, but for the owner of that hole it was a different matter. Conroy howled in ungodly pain, as female youngsters mercilessly thrust his ass onto the pole, sending Pete's ram-rodding tool past the man's rim with no regard as to Bart Conroy's comfort. There was no time for him to do anything but scream, as that fat and impaling cock was buried to the very depths of Conroy’s bowels. 

"Ok, Sarah, give Pete a whirl. Ladies, hold that ass steady."

Pete loved it. Mr. Conroy's virgin ass was just as tight as any pussy he'd ever felt and the increasing revolutions gave him all the friction he needed. Another orgasmic rocket flooded Bart's rectum, as he let out howls worthy of a bitch in heat. 

When the wheel stopped, they yanked his ass free of Pete's cock just as violently as they'd connected it, and then laid Conroy on the floor chest up with arms and legs pinned.

"Make sure that asshole stays closed," Celeste chuckled. Fists planted firmly to the sides of each butt cheek did the trick, as they kept Conroy's ass shut tight. 
Bridget stood before her mother. "I did a bad thing..."

"I know," Celeste interrupted. "We all have done bad things. I forgive you."

The elderly ladies weren't paying much attention to all of this, because they were busy taking turns on Jack's carnival ride, and as for Pete, he was feeling no pain. "Ok, Celeste. Who's next? Man? Woman? I don't care."

"I know you don't, Pete. Do you know why?"

"Can't explain it." He expanded his chest and thrust it towards her. "Wanna lick me? I feel like the horniest fella who's ever born."

She burst into laughter. "You are, Pete. You are the horniest, and the manliest man ever born, because of that gunk you swallowed. As long as that grey mud is in your belly, nothing's going to stop you from shooting one load after another. Let me show you something else, too."

Celeste stepped onto the stools, then reached up with both hands to take Pete's manly nipples between fingers and thumbs. With a violent pinch, she twisted both, clamping with all her strength. "This ought to hurt. Does it?"

"No, I don't feel much of anything there."

“How about this?” She reared back and punched him in the belly as hard as she could. Fist met muscle with a deep thud, but all Pete could do was laugh.

“Stop it, woman. That tickles.”

"That goo protects you from pain... deadens it. All you feel is your masculine sex drive. Now, feel this."

She returned to his tits, but this time her fingers lovingly squeezed and rubbed on them. 

"Holy shit! My dick just got bigger."

"No, it can't get any bigger," she chuckled, while moving forward to mount him. "It just feels that way. Like a man. That's all you can feel."

"You don't need to spin me, Celeste. Just do that nipple thing. I'll do the rest."

"Oh, we can do better than that." She felt the amazing strength of the man all pinpointed to one place: his powerful cock, fully imbedded to her crushing  vagina. "Daughters of Nehi, join us. Set Jack free. The man we need is right here."

Celeste stood clamping Pete in her magical vise while tenderly stimulating his ever-shrinking tits. Within seconds, molestation commenced. Pete arched his back, sucked in his belly and thrust forward his chest, as a plethora of tongues, lips, hands and fingers enveloped him. With the exception of those females securing Conroy, they all had a taste of Pete wherever they could find an available piece of Pete's skin. All females took their turns. All females ravaged him. All females lavished Pete Radcliffe with the praise only a man such as he deserves. And all the while, the vagina of Celeste squeezed and comforted his mighty cock inside her warm, velvety vise. 

From behind, Jack positioned the stools from his wheel so he could step up to work on Celeste. He massaged the breasts of the matriarch, delicately rubbing and pinching her hardened nipple tips. Pete's incredible tool surged to spread her vaginal walls, and she clamped her inside muscles as tight as she could to steady herself.  

"I'm ready," she moaned. "Leave him be." All tongues were removed. "Send him." 

The wheel was given a sudden spin. Pete‘s powerful pole whirled inside her, and the poor woman shuddered. "God, Jack, hold me tight. We done found us a he-man. There's nothing in the world like this. Pete Radcliffe's got the cock to beat all cocks. He's the most... incredible... oh, my god... what an amazing... man... what a... fuck... ing... god... damn... ma... ah... uh..."

Only Jack's hands clamped to her breasts kept Celeste upright. Every muscle, every nerve in her body twitched and convulsed, as Pete's magical seed jettisoned deep into her bosom - his cock's fat, powerful thickness violently corkscrewed her vibrating pussy hole. Lustful, indescribable sounds connected to some pre-historic civilization nearly crumbled the rock walls surrounding them. Pete Radcliffe and Celeste Nehi had returned to a time when Neanderthals ruled the earth. The Caveman, dominant and indestructible, wholly conquered his female tribe.  

The wheel did eventually stop and Jack tenderly removed Celeste from Pete's forever-throbbing manhood. He gently laid her on the floor, cradling the mesmerized woman in his arms. "We done good, darlin'," Jack comforted her. "Jacob's smiling down on us right now."

"And it works," Celeste gazed up at him. "Doesn't it, Jack?"

"We're about to find out just how good."

* * *

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