Thursday, July 21, 2011

Amos Lassen Reads Jardonn

Two books in one week, as a matter of fact, and it's always rewarding to get the perspective of a man who has read thousands.

First up, Danube Divide.

Snippet from the review: The plot is given to us through alternating narrators, something that is now becoming very popular. Mix that with Jardonn Smith’s wonderful use of language and excellent plot with larger than life characters and you get a really good read.


Next, Let's Get Medieval.

Snippet from the review: Jardonn Smith knows bow to tell a story and every time I pick one of his books up, I am amazed at the diversity of themes, characters and settings. In “Let’s Get Medieval”, we get two Jardonn Smith stories with two different settings and two different emotional responses.


Thanks, Amos!

More info on both books, along with text and audio excerpts, are at the Jardonn/Jasper site's book page, Jardonn's Erotic

The main page for Amos's site: Reviews by Amos Lassen.

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