Friday, July 8, 2011

JJ Said 070811

It's lust at first bite, as railroad detective Gaither Hollis interviews a witness, locomotive engineer, Wilton Zukel.

"Your supper's getting cold. Want me to feed you?"

"You'll have to, unless you're going to take off the cuffs."

"No, I think I'll keep you like you are."

"How long you going to keep slobbering on me? Biting on me?"

"Until your pecker calms down, or until you take your free hand off the rail, or until I get tired of tormenting you. I guess I kind of like you."

"Really? Why? I mean, look at me. I ain't exactly what you'd call a Rudy Valentino."

"Yes, well, he's old news, isn't he? King Kong's the big hit now. That's you, Wilton Zukel. A man-sized King Kong. I don't know if you're man or animal, so I'll treat you like the gorilla until I figure you out."

from the Great Depression-era novel, GRIT, by Jardonn Smith and William Maltese.

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