Monday, July 4, 2011

JJ Say 070411

Obviously, things weren't going as planned. Chester Patek should've been knocked out or near to it long ago. He should have been completely subdued, stripped down and bent over one of the cases so Marty could toss his salad. Didn't look to me like that was gonna happen anytime soon. In fact, from what I could see from my watch at the entryway, Chester might end up butt-fucking every one of them before all was said and done.

That man's fortitude turned me on, but Marty's next move turned my stomach.

He reached into a shelf. Brought out a home-made weapon he had hidden in there. A shank, the glint of its metal catching the light and leaving no doubts. Marty intended to maim the guy. Or kill him. That Marty's a low-down piece of shit. Like four on one wasn't enough.

Well, that didn't sit well with me. Not one bit. Wouldn't that just be the crapolas? Me taking a murder rap because those four weren't bad-ass enough to take out one man with their fists and feet?

* * * * *

tentative title: The Tough Nut

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